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The web is evolving. So do your strategies.

Idealgo’s digital HQ is a continuous, data-driven service for the development and implementation of personalized digital strategies.

Be at the forefront of web positioning with lexical and semantic analysis

Companies that want to stand out on the web must opt for innovative solutions to optimize their global web presence in an efficiently and sustainably way.

Search engine positioning depends on many factors that are difficult for an individual to ingest. The lexical and semantic choice of content is one of them.

Our rigorous methodology, coupled with the power of our exclusive tools produces reliable content with high added value.

A complete and powerful approach

By collecting and analyzing semantic data related to your field of activity, our sophisticated system brings you new perspectives.

Discover the concepts sought by your audience

To acquire quality traffic, we need to know, among other things, where requests come from, what concepts are sought and how they are formulated.

Our custom-made tools allow our team to identify the search habits in your industry.

Identify untapped opportunities

All the semantic fields of the competition represent an interesting path of exploration. Bringing out popular formulations that are not yet exploited by the competition in your sector of activity will allow you to gain the top ranks in web positioning.

The three axes of our web analytic solution

Our in-depth analysis, based on the collection of a colossal amount of data, provides a clear and intelligible portrait of your industry on the web.

Prospecting for web search results

Depending on the year, the season or the geographical location, the same request from your customers can be expressed differently, and consequently, searched from multiple angles on the web.

Our unique approach will provide you with all the information you need to maximize the effectiveness of your digital communication strategy and be easily noticed by your audience.

Identification of web competitors and analysis of their positioning

Your goal is to increase your visibility on the web by extracting the best practices of your industry and highlighting the elements that set you apart?

Be aligned with trends due to competitive monitoring, which, when carried out periodically, allows you to follow the evolution of your market and anticipate changes.

Through our expertise, you will get an overview of the digital activity according to your business positioning.

Your digital audience: visualizations and interpretations of behaviors

Our tools will allow us to analyze the behavior of Internet users visiting your website in order to evaluate its effectiveness.

Thus, we will be able to offer you solutions to optimize your communication and web marketing strategies.

Would you like to know more?

Our approach begins with understanding your business needs and your goals.